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Welcome to CSG Tees & Gifts

Thank you for coming to our page. Here we lay out the most frequently asked questions from our wholesale customers. 

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Our super soft and creative designs are what make our products stand out against the rest. 


Do you offer Free Shipping?​​

We do not offer free shipping. We do not upcharge and always seek to find the cheapest way to ship your order. You will receive an invoice for shipping once your items have shipped.

What type of payment?

We LOVE a digital E-check. These can be made using the invoice you receive at ordering time. There is no fee. We do also accept Credit Cards, but a 2% convenience fee of the total is added for orders over 2,000.

I love these designs, can I put them on a mug or hat with another company?

We are super glad you love our designs. We work really hard creating unique concepts for our buyers. Sometimes even creating one of a kind artwork for locations all over the USA. We own the design 100% and they cannot be used without our written permission. All design work is filed with the US.Copyright website. 

How many shirts do I have to buy?

Each shirt order is done by design. You must order 36/design. You can mix and match sizing within the minimum.

I love your stickers, how much?

Stickers are an easy add on for your customers. You must order at least 100 total stickers, but can divide that total into 4 designs. They are $2.00 each.

Do you sell to anyone else in my town?

We understand competition and your need for unique and different items. We will not sell the same designs to your direct competitors, AS LONG as you're keeping the item in stock and on the floor. 

Do you offer terms?

I am sorry, we do not offer terms. Please speak with us if you have a billing department that handles payment. We will speak to them about options.

Who prints your shirts?

We do! We have our own print facility. 

Who makes the jewelry and other wooden items?

We do that as well! All in house.

How fast are reorders mid season?

We understand that you're busy running your business, so make sure to reorder before running out. Depending on the time of year and how many orders are ahead of you, we estimate 10 business days once invoice paid. 

What is the wholesale price for T-shirts?

Most T-shirts wholesale starts at 9/ea for a unisex crew neck. 2XL are $10.00/ea and offer 3XL for 12.50/ea. Vnecks are starting 9.50/ea and 2XL are 10.50/ea with 3XL at 13.50/ea

Do I have to pay now?

We ask that all orders placed at the Michigan Show be paid in full, to put your order into the production line up. This allows us to stream line the orders and make sure everyone has them for their Springs/Summer season.

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