Custom Earrings that look like your Pet

Custom Earrings that look like your Pet


The wooden studs are hand painted to match your pet.




    Send a clear photo of your pets face. Trying to capture the details of their face coloring and eye colors. If a photo does not show the eye color clearly, please include that information in the email. Any other details please include in the email. Example: The dogs fur looks white, but really it is grey.


    Pleae make sure to add you order invoice to your email and your name. We will confirm that we have received the photo, if you don't receive a confirmation email within 24 hours please re send the photo.  

  • What you get

    When seleting "ONE DOG" you will get one pair of earrings with the same dog face.The "TWO DOG" option is $10 dollar more. When selecting the Two Dog option, you will receive one of each dog head, making one pair of earrings. 

  • Important information


    Items will ship out within 3-4 business days. 

    Care Instructions 

    These are hand painted wooden earrings that have been sealed, but still wear with care. You should not swim or shower with these on. 



    Depending on dog head shape, sizes can vary. Max width is 12mm and max heigh is 10mm.